There are more than 8 types of sanders and innumerous models that you can choose. If you are looking to buy a belt disc sander, a belt sander or a disc sander and have no idea which type or model will better satisfy your needs, you have come to the right place. Here you can compare and see top reviews about the best belt and disc sander models available in the market.

So, what is a Sander? Most of you already know that a sander is a power tool used for woodworking and mill working, to smooth automotive and wood or wood finishes, between others. The big problem is how to choose the right type and model of sander for a particular job because there so many varieties in the market.

Bellow you have a description of those three types of sanders so you can see the difference between a disc sander, a belt sander and a belt/disc sander. Soon you will figure which one will do a better job for you, so you can choose a proper sander model that follows your requirements.

Belt Sanders – First thing you need to know is that a belt sander can be either hand-held (where the operator moves the sander over the material) or stationary (fixed machine where the user moves the material to the sander belt).

You can use a belt sander to completely assure the smoothness of a surface, remove finishes, paints or stain from wood, and with a fixed belt sander you can remove other materials like non-ferrous metals (aluminum) and others. Basically belt sanders prepare a surface for more detailed work, by removing the old.

In some cases, stationary belt sanders (the one in the right figure above) can be mounted in a work bench (called bench sanders), and are often combined with a disc sander. Hand-Held sanders are used individually only and range in size from 1″ finger sanders to 37″ wide, where the most common is the 3″x21″ belt sander.

Disc Sanders –The basic concept of a disc sander consists of replaceable circular shape sandpaper attached to a wheel that uses electricity to spin and can provide finishing ends to angled and grain edges. They are bench-mounted sanders and are known as stationary machines that are often combined with a stationary sander belt. Disc sanders are used to grind and smooth surfaces of materials like wood and other materials like metal, plastics and soft materials.


Belt/Disc Sanders – I think at this point you can now guess what a belt and disc sander is right? A belt disc sander is a combination machine that combines a stationary belt sander with a disc sander in the same equipment.


Now that you know the major differences between the most common sanders in the market, you can read our reviews about the best sanders brands and their models, divided in three different categories according the three different types of sanders, and choose the sander that better fits your needs.

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