Brother SE400 Sewing Machine Review 2018

  The Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine has been specially designed to allow your projects to have high-end results without the high-end price associated with many popular sewing machine models. With seventy embroidery designs built in, as well as sixty-seven built-in sewing stitches, the SE-400 is very capable of fulfilling your sewing needs. 120 frame […]

Singer 4411 Sewing Machine Review 2018

The SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Model Sewing Machine is the workhorse of the sewing machine world. With its stainless steel bed-plate, heavy duty metal interior frame, powerful motor, and extra-high sewing speed, the 4411 Heavy Duty can get you sewing pretty much anything with no trouble at all. With this machine, you will be able to spend […]

Brother XL-3750 Sewing Machine Review 2018

The Brother XL-3750 Convertible 35-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine with Quilting Features comes with a large number of different built-in decorative, heirloom, and utility stitches, and each stand has multiple stitch functions. It is very rare for a sewing machine to be able to please both the novice sewer as well as the experienced menders and quilting hobbyists. […]

Brother PC-420 Project Runway Sewing Machine Review 2018

The Brother PC-420 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine allows you to express your creativity in the form of customized fashion clothing designed to fit even the most eccentric of wardrobe tastes. With a variety of 294 built-in stitches included, anyone from the professional sewer to the novice can produce fashionable outfits specifically designed to meet […]

Brother SE350 Computerized Embroidery-and-Sewing Machine

The Brother SE350 Computerized Embroidery-and-Sewing Machine is ideal for both sewing and embroidery. Taking advantage of its computerized features, it provides with a vast array of built-in stitches, as well as a backlit LCD screen for prime stitching selection and editing, allowing for perfect fashionable projects tailored to your unique preferences. It of course comes with an […]

Best Sewing Machine Reviews & Sewing Machines for Sale 2018

Welcome to, the home of sewing machine reviews. These wonderfully helpful machines have been around for hundreds of years, since the beginning of the 19th century that sewing machines have evolved and added security features, as well as more effective motors and beautiful designs. Our website helps you to search through hundreds of models and brands […]